Counterattack crusher is abbreviated as counterattack crusher. The counterattack crusher is a new type of high-efficiency crushing equipment, which is characterized by small size, simple structure, large crushing ratio (up to 40), low energy consumption, large production capacity, and uniform product size. And selective crushing effect, it is a promising equipment, which has been applied in some metal ore dressing plants.
[Machine name] Pebble impact crusher
[Feed size] 250-350mm
[Production capacity] 30-280t/h
[Application fields] Mining, construction, chemical, cement, metallurgy and other industries.
[Applicable materials] The PF type hard rock impact crusher is configured in the middle crusher behind the coarse crusher. It can crush ores and rocks with a compressive strength of not more than 320 MPa. It has the characteristics of large processing capacity and fine discharge capacity. The broken product is cubic, needle-like content is low, no internal cracks, suitable for highway, water conservancy, airport, construction and other industries.
Cobblestone is a kind of stone, which is taken from the sand and gravel hills produced by the uplift of the ancient riverbed after the crustal movement tens of thousands of years ago. It has experienced the impact of mountain torrents and constant squeezing and friction during the process of moving water. In the process of tens of thousands of years of vicissitudes and vicissitudes of life, they have experienced the movement of waves and water, and they have lost their irregular edges and corners by the collision and friction of gravels. They have become hard, bright and simple colors, and are resistant to pressure, wear and corrosion. An ideal green building material.
The Main Technical Parameters
Specification modelRotor diameter (mm)Rotor length (mm)Feed size (mm)Discharge size (mm)Production capacity (t/h)Power (kw)
PF10071000700鈮?50鈮?025-4555 (Level 6)
PF101010001000鈮?50鈮?040-6075 (Level 6)
PF121012001000鈮?50鈮?070-120110 (Level 6)
PF121412001400鈮?50鈮?0100-160132 (Level 6)
PF131513001500鈮?50鈮?0160-260200 (Level 6)
PF151515001500鈮?50鈮?0200-400280 (Level 6)
PF132013002000鈮?50鈮?0300-600315 (Level 6)
PF162016002000鈮?00鈮?0400-800220脳2 sets (Level 6)Crusher manufacturers